Hello friends! My name is Miss Pickle and I’m a 4-year-old French Bulldog who loves art, I’m so glad you’re here! I live and works in Brooklyn with my mom, art advisor Katie Howard and my dad, artist Nat Ward. I also have a fellow fur sister called Lareau. My favorite things, other than art, are going to the park, chasing balls, eating any kind of food (except celery), and belly rubs! And my mom, of course!

A little about her:
Katie Howard, works as a prominent art advisor to private individuals and companies in NYC, specializing in emerging art with a main focus on primary market sales. She has a masters in Art History from the Sotheby’s Institute and over the past decade has worked in all areas of the art world including Sotheby’s Auction House, Horton Gallery, and advising on arts programming for PBS with Burt Wolf.

She began working on the project @PickleBeholding in 2014 after a photo of Pickle with a baby at Suzanne Geiss & Co. sparked the idea and as a way to stay up to date with all of the important shows going on in NY. Since April 2014 Katie & Pickle have attended over 300 gallery shows in New York and Miami (for Art Basel) and have garnered dozens of press articles. Pickle has even earned the title “Mascot of the Art World,” as said by Antwaun Sargent.


To contact Katie and Pickle about any inquiries or for advisory services please email picklebeholding@gmail.com